Candace is available for Book Signings, Work Shops, Business &  Ministry Seminars, Conferences and Revivals. 

Candace describes herself as a real woman in the real world with real problems just like everyone else. As a Christian, preacher, motivational speaker, success coach, author & businesswoman, she takes her experiences & share them with humor, passion & realness to motivate & encourage others. 

Often described as surprisingly 'funny & deep,'Candace has a knack for storytelling as she inspires others to shed their masks and shine in God's truth. 

Laugh, cry, and dig deep into Scripture with  Candace as she shares from her journey as clay in the Potter’s hand.  

As a servant of the Holy Spirit and one that strives to stay sensitive to His leading all speaking engagements are subject to His leading. 

Because her messages are life messages that speak to everyone she is happy to adapt them to the theme God is placing on the hearts of your ministry team. Or you can choose from some of my popular themes, tweaking the titles to fit:

of Those Touched By The Ministry of 
Candace House

"As you prayed I was overwhelmed with the Spirit of our Lord. You prayed things over me that I knew were from God and they brought me to tears. I was completely blown away by the Spirit at work and as you ended and looked up at me you spoke that there was a strong calling on my life which I have personally sensed but have never had it revealed to me by the words of someone else, especially one who does not know me. The Lord is so good!"

Barbara Jean Hastings

"I went to this retreat ready to give up and was worn out. I told the Lord that I needed to hear from Him. And if I didn't’ hear from Him soon I didn’t know what I was going to do. Not only did I hear from Him but He restored and encouraged me with the power of His Spirit. May you continued to be blessed in your ministry and the work the He is calling you to. I know that for years to come  I will remember this past weekend and continue to stand in awe for the work the Lord is doing and His faithful hand upon my life."

Latoya Myers

It's rare to find a speaker who's both authentically high-spirited and spiritually deep, whether she's befriending you in person or before a group of thousands. Min.Candace makes herself vulnerable in a Scripture-packed, down-to-earth presentation that will impart hope, challenge and change with an out-of-this-world flair!

Amber Rowlings Co-Pastor of Grace Tabernacle

I was amazed when I heard you. The words that come from you are truly from the Lord and not of the flesh! I was surprised by how funny you were! I pictured you as this serious woman of God that was about our Father’s business. But when you opened up your mouth and started talking about your son’s recovery from the accident I almost fell out of my seat laughing. Then you brought the message home with a heart plea for souls and I was moved to conviction to make a change…. 

Mary Anne

Praise the Lord!! Just wanted to drop in and say God truly moved for me and my family over the passed couple of weeks and the Word God spoke through you to me is still with me and He's been moving and yes revealing the purpose of things we've been experiencing and even revealing some dreams I've had in the past and given me full understanding of their meaning. The past couple of weeks have been amazing and my prayer is that I'm a able to hold on to the revelation and walk in the joy of God's glory no matter what. How I love the Father. He is Amazing... 

Co-Pastor Moody Spirit of Elijah Gospel Church TN

Candace, You, my friend are such an inspiration to me. You may never know how your words lift me up "Right on Time". Things are happening here, and I do feel it is all from God. I'm just waiting for His guidance in certain matters I've been dealing with. I learned so much last night in a 4 hour conversation with a very dear friend of mine. He, like myself, speaks what he feels from his heart. He gave me so much hope in future things than I had yesterday. Praise be to God!!! 

In Christ, Your Sister,

Thank you very much for the inspiring message. I believe the message is true, and I have the faith that the Lord will deliver on his promise. He always does. November and December 2007 are defining moments for me and this is were I need the Lord to "Teach me Your Ways, So that I may Know You, and so that I may continue to receive favor from you "  May you continue to find favor in the eyes of the Lord, for you continue to inspire many.


Wow...had to meditate and consider/pray over your message..that was so amazing...thank you for being used of Him...we are blessed...God has been moving in our situation(s) so much lately and we are getting to know Him in amazing ways these days..your message was RIGHT ON!

In His Love,
Tara & Scott Oliver

Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus.
You are a Power House for the Lord. That is what I heard when I started to respond to your message. You are also a prayer warrior. Thank you for your friendship. It is a joy to have a friend that walks in the prophetic to speak into your life. I do not take that lightly. Many Many Blessings upon you and everything you touch.

Your sister Co-Pastor Joy Lester

Praise the Lord, Unto Him be all the Praise Honor and Glory. He Alone is worthy.... Bless his name. My dear Sister, Thank you for sharing those words with me Oh how good and pleasant it is for the body of Christ to fellowship together. This is truly a new season and a new dawning for the body of Christ. 

The Lord is revealing Himself now like never before. May the Lord continue to bless and anoint your lips as he did with Jeremiah when he put the coal to his lips.... God is awesome and wondrous... smile... You have a Fantabulous Day in the Lord. Sometimes, you have to try to make up words to describe him... He’s just that awesome...

Blessings …Phaith 

Change Your Words Change Your Life

You frame your world by the words you say. If they don't line up with the Word of God then you are already defeated.  The Lord has given us the authority to be co-creators with Him. 

When He got ready to create something He said Let there be and it was.  We have the same ability and use it everyday without realizing we are doing it. 

Can You Travel With Your Faith?

What are we rooted in? Why does it take faith to walk with God? Hebrews 11:6 states that it is impossible to please God without faith, so how do we grow in our faith and become truly reliant on Him? 

This topic delves into the various growth stages of our faith, how painful deliverance can transform our character and how we are given the shield of faith to walk with God wherever He leads. 

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

FEAR can and will grip and hinder you. I struggled for many years with several fears, one of which was the fear of not being liked or accepted  if people knew who I really was. 

I share in this message all the fears I experienced and how they affected my life and the great comfort and deliverance I found when I really released each one to the LORD. 

Open Up Your Mouth and He Will Fill It   

Have you ever come from Church and said why in the world did I go today! You could have laid in your bed and got some much needed rest.  Do you feel a disquiet in your soul and don't know how to make the hunger pangs for something more disappear?

Struggling to Breathe

When the weight of the world comes crashing down on you what is the first thing you do? Catch your breath is the answer.  Jesus said that He came to give us Abundant Life. So why does it look and feel just the opposite? This message teaches you how to "Inhale What God is Exhaling."

Discovering Your Destiny

Each of us has a call and a destiny. Before you were born, God designed a perfect plan for your life. Discover your purpose, and find the power to accomplish the Lord’s meaning and objective for your life. 

Candace will also bring understanding on how to recognize God’s timing and direction so you can walk out His specific plan for you—in His timing.

Make Room For the Supernatural

The Spirit of God wants to move in your life and the lives of those around you. First on the agenda is to make room for Him.

Making A Marriage

Having been married 26 years I've learned alot about the blessings and yes some of the challenges of marriage and I believe your marriage can be fruitful. Learn one of the #1 reasons that many people use as a reason to give up on their marriage and no it's not adultery. 

This message is filled with real life issues we face in our marriages so it's not religious it's practical! Learn how to make your marriage what it needs to be by believing in and applying biblical principles and involving GOD not just calling on him when trouble comes

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