God said He would never leave us nor forsake us. Yet how many of us have felt abandon by Him at some point in our lives? Maybe you feel abandoned right now as you read this.

Our greatest need is not for more information, but for a fresh revelation of who He is. He said that He would fill ours lives with abundance and joy. Does this mean we are exempt from troubles? No. It means He will be Joy to us in the midst of our sorrow.

What Is God Eating?
"You can eat it too"

This e-book is designed to wet your apetite for the things of God. Hmmm.... what exactly does HE eat? This was a question posed to Candace by the Holy Spirit while taping a television broadcast.

After much pondering and questioning those in the faith, she was no closer to an answer than when first presented to her. Finally she asked HIM what He ate. Here is the answer He gave her. "WHAT IS GOD EATING" is a must read for those that are no longer satisfied with the status quo. 
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"You Frame Your World by the Words You Say"