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Born Jan 30, 1966, to parents, Bishop, Dr Milton and Pastor, Mattie Mosby, God's Church of Deliverance, Columbia  South Carolina. She & her sister Min Carmen Gray were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost on the same night in  1974.

From that time the Lord began to deal with Candace in a supernatural way. He pulled back the curtains and showed her the Spirit realm. The Gifts of the Spirit began to operate in her life at a very young age. He spoke to her and told her that He had given her the Nations for her inheritance. Prophetic word after prophetic word confirmed her calling. 

After being disillusioned with Christianity because of Church of issues, Candace left and said she would never return. However eight years later the Lord drew her back into the fold.  She surrendered to Him while on the dance floor in a club with a drink in her hand 1995 and has never looked back since. 

God has done miraculous things in her life and she is truly a Living testimony to the Grace and Mercy of our God. He brought her back from the dead in 1989 and healed her body from cancer in 1993. He restored her marriage the day before the divorce was final due to infidelity on her part in 1995. 

While growing up in South Carolina, she met and married her soul mate, Pastor Anthony House. This marriage brought forth three children, three grandchildren.
Candace has traveled extensively due to her husband's affiliation with the U.S. Navy. Their final duty station was Kings Bay Naval Base in Camden County, Georgia. Here is where she finally acknowledged the call to Ministry in January of 1996.                                                                      

Under the covering of her father Dr. Milton Mosby of God’s Church of Deliverance, Columbia S.C.  Dr. Candace and her husband Dr. Anthony House are the founders and pastors of Kingdom Purpose Christian Center Intl . Dr. Candace is also the founder of Ruach Chayah (Breath of Life) Global Ministries and Candace House Ministries, where the anointing to both teach and preach the Word of God in demonstration and power is manifested in her life.  
Her message to the body of Christ is to “Inhale what God is Exhaling!” for “The Spirit of God has made me and the Breath of the Almighty gives me Life” (Job 33:4 ).

Her mandate is to see the Saints equipped for the work of the ministry, walking in Kingdom authority, and the Manifested Glory of God is revealed personally, regionally and globally in the lives of His people. 

With a tremendous and consuming mandate from God to establish His Kingdom, she endeavors to raise up an army of end time prophetic and apostolic people to carry the sound an mandate of God across the nations.

Her voice and prophetic anointing are used by God to inspire, correct, chasten and convict. She is called to impart and activate the gifts in the Body of Christ. Anointed with a true apostolic and prophetic call her desire is to impact the world by restoring, building, perfecting and training to believer to fulfill their destiny.

Candace travels extensively across the country and abroad, motivating, preaching, teaching and building up the Body of Christ with revelation, prophetic insight, wisdom and knowledge. God’s fivefold anointing is evident in her life as she ministers the word of His Word in the Power of the Holy Ghost. Miracles, Deliverance and Restoration are signs that follow the ministry the Lord has graced her with.

Dr. House has been ordained and licensed as an Evangelist, Prophet and Pastor along with confirmation, ordination and license as an Apostle. She has an Associates in Human Resource Management and Biblical Studies. She holds a Bachelors in Christian Education, Masters in Christian Psychology and Christian Education. She has received an earned Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) from Cambridge Theological University and has  recieved her Ph.D. in Theology and Psy.D in Christian Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Prophetic Ministry from Kings Theological Seminary.

She is an Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Life Coach,  Published Author and Motivational Speaker . Her book "Shut The Door It Is Well" and "What Is God  Eating?"  was  released  July of 2007. Her new book "You Frame Your World By The Words You Say" release date was May of 2008.

God has opened doors for her to host her own TV Christian Talk Show   “The Breathing Room.” and her new show "Today's Dream Makers." This show airs in Georgia, Tennesse and soon South Carolina. He has also blessed her to host three radio talk shows  The shows are titled, "It's Time to Breath" "Candace House Live" and  "Today's Breathing Room" 

Candace  is also the Founder & CEO of The World Education Network Inc (TWEN),  a company that provides curriculum, tutoring & technology for students around world.  The World Education Network has a building project in Ghana, Africa that will house a school for 1200 students. TWEN plans for the schools completion by the summer of 2012.
The World Education Network  Inc provides elementary thru college level courses as well as vocational courses online for at risk youth and homeschoolers.   The Network also provide online tutoring in both science and math.                                                        

The Network also provides online tutoring in both science and math for after school programs. Entrepreneurial classes for youth are given to both inform and inspire them in making their mark in society.

The Company’s headquarters are in Georgia, with offices in South Carolina as well as overseas in Ghana, Africa. By the end of 2011, The World Education Network Inc. plans to expand its base to include Europe. 
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